About Us

Our History  

Aiko and Mamoru TakitaniThe origins of Hawaiian Host Group can be traced back to almost a century. Mamoru Takitani along with his wife, Aiko, had hopes of producing a world-famous confection. Through hard work and dedication, they were able to create their one-of-a-kind recipe.

Today, we still use that very same formula and continue to come up with a variety of macadamia delights to share with the world through our brands, Hawaiian Host®, Mauna Loa®, and KOHO®. 



We are the hosts of Hawai‘i. It is our job to make the Islands’ future flourish. 

  • We aim to be local 
  • We are sustainable when possible 
  • We always lead with the Spirit of Hawai‘i 



We inspire more people to live better with the Spirit of Hawaiʻi, a spirit of warmth, openness, human connection, and well-being. 



We create Hawai‘i-inspired experiences through our uncompromising focus on excellence, ethics, and our desire to delight.